Have you ever wondered how historic sieges like the siege of Szigetvár happened 450 years ago? What kind of conditions the soldiers did have to face? Who the participants were and what at stake was in the battle?

Alfahir.hu writes that you can find out about this in the newest graphic video of the Historic Animation Society, who take us back in time so that we can witness the excitements of the past.

The newest episode of the Hungarian military history in Ottoman times series (the two previous videos are about the battle of Mohács and the triumph at Nándorfehérvár) was published in honour of the Zrínyi memorial year to commemorate the 1566 siege of Szigetvár and the heroic death of Miklós Zrínyi.

[box type=”info”] Szigetvár is a cultic site for both Hungarians and Turks, though, for different reasons. Hungarians remember the defender of the fortress of Szigetvár, Miklós Zrínyi, who died a heroic death while defending the town from Ottoman forces. In the battle of Szigetvár the Turks lost the greatest ruler of the Ottoman Empire: Suleiman the Magnificent.[/box]


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