According to, Minister of Defense István Simicskó said that it is evident that certain liberties can be restricted in the case of danger. He recalled the measures taken effect after September 11, 2001.

Simicsko said Hungary is a democratic state and the constitutional amendment draft includes a list of measures that can be put in place, taking into consideration the “necessity and proportionality”.

The Minister said the restoration of the compulsory military service is only possible in the case of preventive security situation or war, reported.

The government wants to extend the volunteer reserve system, so they contacted several sports associations to reach young people.

Simicskó claimed that thousands of young people wanted to volunteer due to the migration crisis.

According to, the Minister plans to establish a volunteer reserve staff – like the National Guard in the USA – and there would be a one-month-long training during which the participants would get a firm knowledge. Simicskó thinks it is better than political organizations’ militias would gather the young.

Photo: MTI

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