Budapest, January 17 (MTI) – An intensive, sincere and responsible campaign focusing on people’s everyday bread-and-butter worries is needed in order to defeat ruling Fidesz in the spring general election, main opposition Socialist leader Attila Mesterhazy said in Friday’s daily Nepszabadsag.

Mesterhazy told the paper in an interview that he did not believe in political “magic bullets” but a simple, black-and-white communication campaign. Clear-cut and memorable information must be supplied to people who have little interest in politics in order to motivate them to vote, he added.

No matter how important the issues concerning constitutionality and democracy are, experience shows that citizens are most interested in jobs, wages, the lack of security, the condition of education and the quality of health care, Mesterhazy said.

At the same time, plans to restore constitutionality must not be neglected in the campaign, either, he added.



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