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Hungary’s Socialist MEP István Újhelyi has launched an initiative dubbed Radical European Democrats (RED) to urge radical changes in Europe.

On Facebook, Újhelyi said that his initiative aimed to “reject the anti-EU policies of the Hungarian government and demand a comprehensive reform of the organisation”.

Újhelyi insisted that while the majority of Hungarians support the EU, ruling Fidesz has become “extreme anti-Europe”, and said that

“the Orbán government must not be allowed to jeopardise Hungary’s EU membership”. 

Hungary’s continued EU membership will ensure “peace, security and stability in the coming decades and centuries” as well as a link without borders to Hungarian communities in neighbouring countries, Újhelyi said. He added that

while the EU was not perfect, there was no alternative,

and called for “deep changes and a clear paradigm shift” such as towards “more efficient tools to get renitent national governments to follow the norm”.

Source: MTI

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