The court placed in custody the migrant who attacked a policeman in the alien police isolation ward in Gyor, wrote.

The Tatabanya police subjected a man in his twenties to immigration proceedings in mid-October. He could not prove either his identity or his legal residence in Hungary, moreover, he identified himself first an Italian, then a Kenyan citizen.

The 23-year-old man was taken into custody preparing expulsion and was placed in Gyor, in a guarded accommodation.

Last weekend, he attacked and repeatedly hit a Ghanaian citizen, therefore separation was also ordered. This week, on Tuesday at dawn, he began to rage: he threw first his food, then his cutlery into the hallway and when a guard reprimanded him, he punched in the face the Sergeant Major participating           in the measure, wrote.

Because of his actions, proceedings were initiated against him on suspicion of violence against a public official, and in doing so, the court ordered his pre-trial detention for a month as well, given the risk of escape, hiding and re-offending.

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  1. Victor Orban should have talks with Vlad Putin, to reopen some of the former Gulags in Siberia, and send this kind of trash there to be worked over for a living or life….

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