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Socialist politician has been taken into custody in Hungary

Socialist politician has been taken into custody in Hungary

The opposition Socialist party’s politician, Csaba Czeglédy has been taken into custody on Wednesday. 

Fidesz’s communications director Balázs Hidvéghi responded to press reports saying that Czeglédy, working also as a lawyer for the Socialists and the opposition Democratic Coalition, has been detained by the national tax authority over involvement in alleged fraud.

He said that Czeglédy had already been implicated in a tax fraud case in the past and received a suspended prison sentence, adding that despite this the Socialists were still “relying on him”.

Fidesz demands to know whether László Botka, the Socialists’ prime minister candidate, had knowledge about Czeglédy’s “businesses” and how much had the Socialists paid him in legal fees, said Hidvéghi.


Fidesz also demands to know which other Socialist politicians had Czeglédy worked for as a lawyer.

Botka said in a statement that he had tasked the Socialists’ ethics committee to investigate the case and asked the party’s board to suspend the general contract with Czeglédy’s law firm until the case is cleared.

Source: MTI


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