Budapest, September 23 (MTI) – The opposition Socialists called for a common European migrant system on Wednesday and the PM party demanded that the government should treat migrants more humanely and draft programmes to help them get accommodated to the new environment.

Tobias said after participating in a meeting of European Union left-wing party group leaders ahead of the European Council extraordinary meeting in Brussels that the common EU asylum system should cover organising registration, the assessment of asylum applications and the distribution and financing of refugees.

He said the Socialists had submitted a draft resolution to parliament that outlines an action plan and proposes that Hungary should initiate suspending the Dublin regulations and developing an assessment system for temporary asylum applications.

Spokesman of the PM party Bence Tordai said that the government should elaborate programmes promoting the integration of asylum seekers. All the more so because under the EU interior ministers’ Tuesday agreement Hungary will be expected to take in at least 1,000 refugees annually. The agreement indicates that the Hungarian government is forced to give up its “spectacularly failed unorthodox policies”, he added. The PM party expects the cabinet to “normalise” relations with neighbouring states and take a proactive approach to resolving the Syrian, especially by supporting refugee camps in Turkey.

Photo: MTI


  1. People who criticize Mr Orban should visit some of Sweden’s immigrant ghettos. Most of people living there are not newcomers… I leave it at that, as I do not wish being labelled a racist.

  2. These people’s flooding into Europe are completely unknowns. They come from other continents for a “better life”.

    Their culture, their way of life as dictated by Islam is violent. They do not assimilate nor will they ever assimilate. It is the same in the United States where their majority believes that Sharia Law overrides our Constitution.

    Why is the main streamed media not covering the reality of the violent nature of these people, the increase in crimes, the impact on the beautiful culture of the countries that make up the EU?

    One just has to look at the utter disregard they have for every place they land or travel through (making demands) illegally; they leave rubbish everywhere, human feces, break into homes, destroy crops, steal…..and they are just beginning.

    Mr. Orban is considered a hero for trying to defend the outer borders of the EU. He should receive the nobel peace prize.

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