Budapest, February 7 (MTI) – If the government truly wants to fight terrorism then it must put forward a constitutional solution rather than an “unacceptable” constitutional amendment proposal, a Socialist lawmaker said on Sunday.

Molnár Zsolt, chairman of the national security committee, said it was regrettable that the government still insisted on mixing the issues of refugees and terrorism and attempting to change the constitution accordingly. “After a big communications offensive the government has finally realised that it must take action against terrorism not with a junta-style fundamental law but by advancing proposals that serve the security of society.”

It is hoped that the government’s new concept will really concern security rather than “setting its own powers in stone”, he said. At the same time, there is no need for yet another national consultation and the associated billions of forints in costs, he said, adding that funds should be spent instead on the organisations that genuinely fight terrorism.

Molnár was reacting to comments by Antal Rogán. The risks of a terrorist attack have grown, and accordingly measures are needed to boost everyday security, the cabinet chief told a conference on migration on Saturday.



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