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The opposition Socialists have prepared a seven-point proposal on how Hungary should utilise European Union funding in the next seven-year budget period, Socialist MEP Istvan Újhelyi said on Saturday.

Újhelyi said in a video message on Facebook that two consultations were about to start in Hungary. He described the government’s national consultation survey as a “fake consultation” and a “campaign of brainwashing”. At the same time, the European Commission has invited Hungarians to a real “real social dialogue” about the EU budget, he added.

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The Socialist Party is the first organisation in Hungary putting its proposals in writing about the EU budget and the nearly 7,000 billion forints Hungary will get, he said.

Újhelyi said people, everyday issues and social matters must be put in focus in the next seven years. He cited job creation, replacing discontinued jobs, improving the quality of social services, developing education and health care, creating decent living conditions and strengthening the institutions that guarantee secure conditions for the elderly.

Significant resources need to be spent on developing health-care services and to solve the problems of future generations, such as discontinuing youth unemployment, cross-training, supporting young people setting up businesses, and improving conditions for home and family creation, he said.

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He said the Socialists support the European Green Deal and the allocation for Hungary should be spent on energy efficiency schemes, promoting environmentally friendly means of transport and launching energy-efficiency schemes for buildings.

The Socialists demand that local municipalities should receive funding directly from the EU.

Additionally, if the government is “unable to utilise funds in line with regulations” then the Commission should withdraw this opportunity and distribute the funds directly.

Újhelyi said it was also important to protect cohesion funding and farm subsidies.

Ruling Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said on Facebook on Saturday that Újhelyi’s proposals would reduce EU support to Hungary even more than other opposition initiatives that involved cutting development funding. Ujhelyi has proposed “radical” tax hikes affecting Hungary’s small and medium-sized businesses and wants the utilisation of the country’s EU funding to be determined by directive from Brussels instead of by local decision-makers, Deutsch said.

He added that by supporting the “humbug about resources given directly from Brussels” Újhelyi would risk losing 97-98 percent of EU development funding. His proposals would enable pro-migration forces to exercise pressure on Hungary for political motives, Deutsch said and called on the Socialists to clarify if Újhelyi’s “unacceptable” proposals represented the party’s official position.

Source: MTI

  1. Újhelyi and his fellow Socialists obviously eat so many “FROOT LOOPS” that they have become TOTALLY ‘loopy’.

    To ensure Hungary’s future let us hope that these DERANGED and TWISTED ‘mental retards’ are FINALLY voted out of Parliament – at both Hungarian and European levels – at the next election.

    We had almost two generations of Marxist / Socialist / Communist / Leninist / Stalinist ‘rule’ and it ALMOST ruined Hungary.

    Socialists – together with D.K. which holds similar RIDICULOUS beliefs – should be thrown into the ‘rubbish bin’ of history.


  2. Nothing is more fake than the Socialist. Socialism has its roots in Marxism, which is an evil foreign ideology that promises utopia but delivers poverty, misery and oppression. Socialism has devastated Hungary.

  3. Socialists must be dreaming. By now they should know that both the Big Cow to milk ( aka EU )’s funds and taxpayers’ money are needed for: V.O. and his family, V.O. and his many friends, V.O. and his family&friends, V.O. important trips to very important cities such as Minsk, Baku, Skopje ( soon, probably, also Pyeongyang and Ulan Baator ) , state media to secure the regular brainwashing that feeds the brains of many Hungarians on daily basis, football stadiums ( very important, since Hungarian football keeps achieving astonishing results, the other day an Hungarian club won the….Hungarian cup! ) useless consultations ( aka as Fidesz propaganda paid by all taxpayers ) campaigns of hatred ( hate everyone who is not a white, bright, “good” Christian Hungarian, hate the Jews, hate the Moslems, hate the blacks, hate the immigrants, hate the gypsies hate them all! ) regular anti-Soros bla bla bla, conspiracy theories many fools will believe, useless border fences, propaganda museums….

  4. “DREAMERS” needs to see a psychiatrist. His / her / its RAVINGS are like those of an unstable mental patient who requires long-term therapy in a closed institution.

  5. Margaret Thatcher a former Conservative Prime Minister of the UK once said “The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money to spend” Socialism, Liberalism, Communism are all parts of the same cancer and should be removed from society. There is NO FREE RIDE, someone has to pay and most people of the planet do much better when they learn to think for themselves, get off their back sides and do something to better their lot in life such as getting an education or a trade craft and stop feeling sorry for themselves and stop expecting something for nothing.

    Dreamer must be an escaped socialist from the UK lunatic asylum or a paid Soro’s NGO operative. Open borders have never worked anywhere they have been tried. Any nation that cannot control its borders soon ceases to exist. Every nation should the right to chose whom it wants to admit to its society. Hungary gains nothing accepting people that refuse to assimilate into Hungarian society such as most folks from the middle east and Africa. Look how well they are integrating into Germany and Denmark. Globalism is not good for the average Hungarian.

  6. Jack Russell, since you mentioned people’s money, do you know how V.O.uses the money of Hu’s taxpayers? Better if you do not, or you may end up discovering that he is the most socialist of all socialists….

  7. Dreamer, there are no honest politicians. Frankly, I don’t have a clue about everything V.O. does but I can tell you what he doesn’t do makes me extremely happy and that is letting Brussels force Hungary to accept the 3rd world parasites that it seems you so love. Your Welcome!

  8. ISTVAN KIRALY, I agree with you completely that socialism is a kind of stupidly made utopia invented by Marx and Engels, and then developed by their followers.

    Nevertheless, we should accept the existence of the fact, that Hungary has been living without communists since 1990. And all local socialists are homemade creatures, elected by citizens of the country, it is the choice of people, and not somebody’s choice, and nobody from the outside of the country didn’t influence that choice. You know an old saying “every nation has the government it deserves”.

    Besides, it seems to me that consequences for the country after communist’s ruling (till 1980-s) wasn’t so poor like after ruling of communist’s predecessors (let’s only remember the terrible Trianon).

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