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The Socialist Party’s parliamentary group refuses to back either the government’s constitutional amendment bill or the “Stop Soros” package of bills, the party’s deputy group leader said on Monday.

The Socialist Party will only participate in the opening round of the debate on the constitutional amendment proposal, Tamás Harangozó told a news conference.

But the party will take part in the debate on the “Stop Soros” bill to see whether the interior ministry has considered its proposals in connection with the bill, he said.

Harangozó called the constitutional amendment proposal “completely unacceptable”, saying that “no decent lawmaker with a European value system can support it”.

He criticised the proposals for covering three “unrelated” areas. Harangozó rejected the amendment proposals that would establish an administrative high court and “restrict” the right to assembly.

The deputy group leader noted that his party had already rejected the proposal to create an administrative court structure in the previous government cycle. He said this proved that ruling Fidesz was not serious about wanting to win the opposition’s support for the bill.

Harangozó said the amendment proposal was submitted with the intent to “stigmatise” the opposition.

On the topic of the “Stop Soros” bill, Harangozó said the clause criminalising the organisation of illegal immigration should have been worded more carefully, noting that experts had indicated that it was unclear.

The Socialist Party, he said, would consider supporting that clause if it were about punishing people smugglers rather than Hungarian citizens providing humanitarian and legal assistance to those needing it.

Fidesz responded by saying that the Socialists were “still pro-migration and don’t want to protect the country”.

“Hungary’s opposition parties are proving one by one that they are pro-migration and are ready to bring migrants to Hungary in line with [US financier George] Soros’s plan,” Fidesz said in a statement. “If they won’t support the action plan aimed at protecting Hungary, they’ll only be confirming that they are Soros’s mercenaries and don’t want to protect the country,” the party added.

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Source: MTI

  1. Any support for George Soros is anti democratic as is he is an unelected non resident and represents outside of Hungary Big Business who believe in mass immgration which in turn keeps wages low, not just for the immigrants but for every worker. Cheap labour means more profit for big business peferably with no added infra structure or welfare. These people do not want or care a damn about the population or the affect it will have on each country. Soros and his acolytes have their eyes set on not only Hungary but the uk in which they are now causing problems by using our unelected upper house (The House of Lords) to overturn the elected house of commons voted for policies to become null and void, and in doing so point two fingers up at England’s voters who voted overwhelming for Brexit. Added to this is the Visagrad alliance with backing from the dysfunctional EU.
    Hungary do not go there!

  2. No Constitutional Changes were needed to shut down the “Hungarian Guard”, which would have a Number of valuable Roles to play…& None would be needed either for shutting down store-front, Central European University on the Grounds of “gross Interference into Hungarian Elections”.

    Just as DJ Trump won the 2016 Elections on a “Build the Wall” Platform…yet more than a Year later, Americans don’t even have an architect’s Drawing of a Wall…the Problem here is that more than a Year after the Hungarian Parliament passes “Stop Soros” Legislation, the operational Base of Kara George on Nador u. 9-11 may still be intact.

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