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Budapest, December 6 (MTI) – The opposition Socialist Party said every minister should be personally obliged to compensate for losses caused by late or missed payment of workers in the sector they oversee.

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The party told MTI in a statement that hundreds of thousands of public sector workers had received their salaries late. Teachers union PDSZ said tens of thousands of teachers had not received their salaries within the time frame guaranteed by law.

The Socialists called for an investigation into the late and wrongly calculated salaries, while PDSZ has called on officials to name those responsible for the late payments and to hold them to account.

On Friday, the State Treasury told MTI that it was not responsible for any late salary payments, as payments are made by the various institutions themselves. The treasury said it had calculated the November payroll within the timeframe stipulated by law and sent the payments complete with payroll lists out to the institutions by December 2.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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