Bátonyterenye, Hungary. Photo: MTI

The opposition Socialist Party has called on the government to scrap its Covid-19 vaccine pre-registration campaign and allow vaccinations to be administered by general practitioners.

Citing a report by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi told an online press conference on Wednesday that the Hungarian government had told the EMA and the European Union’s Health Security Committee that it intended to conduct vaccinations against Covid-19 the same way it does flu vaccinations.

Ujhelyi speculated that the prime minister and the government had for weeks been unable to decide how to organise the vaccinations until they came up with a central registration campaign.

He criticised the government for “refusing to say whether registration is a prerequisite for getting the vaccine”.

Ujhelyi said it should be enough for those who want to be vaccinated to simply contact their general practitioner, the way they do for flu shots, and wait for their turn to get the jab.

The MEP urged the government to “consider whether a having a central registration list will encourage Hungarians to get the vaccine”.

Ujhelyi said the EMA report had also revealed that Hungary did not opt in to the joint EU public procurement of protective gear for those administering the vaccine or the procurement related to the logistics of the vaccinations.

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Source: MTI

  1. What’s the problem dismissing ALL the Political Games – the Power Games and Egos – and place ALL efforts into immunizing Hungarians ASAP.
    ALL who are qualified or accredited to administer the vaccine – this is the HUMANISTIC approach – The Duty of Care approach – by ALL engaged, forgetting POLITICS – and get Hungary immunized.
    Floundering – Meddling – Delaying – being indecisive, behaving in an undecided perplexed and unsure manner – in the URGENT and IMMEDIATE need – what way is the best and most efficient process – to immunize Hungary.
    Decisions of this magnitude, that can and will effect Human Life – can’t get “drowned” nor “delayed” by Political bureaucracy.
    What’s the problem – for an exercise of this IMMENSITY – to UNITE – find common ground and DO IT – what ever the cost – Do it, and get the job of National Immunization completed ASAP.

  2. In the UK some high street Pharmacies (Gyógyszertár üzletek) are now being allowed to administer the vaccine in order to speed up the roll out. Given the Hungarian addiction to bureaucracy I doubt that such a simple solution would ever be considered here.

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