Two photos were uploaded on the Facebook group called Pesten hallottam about a biker who got on the tram with his motorbike. It is more interesting because if such a large motorcycle, for example, falls over during a stronger braking, it can cause serious injury to tram travelers, said.

The website asked the BKK (Budapest Transport Center) and BKV (Budapest Transport Company) press departments as well about the case. They wrote the BKK Business Rules clearly regulates what size of packages and tools can be transported on public transport vehicles. Motorcycle cannot be transported on Budapest public transport vehicles, because it cannot be fixed due to its size, so it is non-transportable.

“The driver – if he detected the getting on – should have prohibited it and called upon the person to leave the vehicle with his motorcycle”.

However, they added it is impossible to identify, based on the shared photos, when and on which tram it happened, so they did not know the driver acted. As far as possible they will examine the circumstances of the case. Based on this, “it can happen to take the necessary action; at the same time we draw the attention of the drivers to prevent the similar incidents.”

They want to avoid the similar cases in the future by installing cameras in the passenger compartment. Thus, they can examine any similar cases more effectively.

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Photo: Pesten Hallottam Facebook group


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