writes that twelve women, who work in jobs which are mostly practiced by men, try to attract attention to the prevention of cervical cancer and rehabilitation through a special initiation. They created a charity calendar which was launched on the 9th of January.

All the money that comes from the marketing of the calendar will go to Mályvavirág Charity, which aims to raise awareness and inform more and more women about this disease.

“Our jobs are not monotonous or boring at all. We spend every weekend in a different city, or, at least, different concert venues, so we couldn’t imagine our lives without a calendar…” – this was what inspired the twelve women to create their own calendar.

“We have manly jobs, but we are still women. We are women in our everyday lives and also in our work life. This is what we wanted to show, this is why we decided to step into the limelight. And we found a great cause and charity organisation to support, so the whole initiation made sense, and twelve women wanted the same thing at the same time. Everyone knows that, if a woman wants something, she will surely achieve her goal” summarised the girls the background story of their calendar.

They looked for a charity organisation that is occupied with women, and a cause that could even affect them. This is how they found Mályvavirág Charity, which was founded in 2013 to heal and prevent women dealing with cervical cancer. They are mainly focused on prevention and rehabilitation so that Hungary doesn’t have lose women to cervical cancer.

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