May Day or Labour Day is a bank holiday in Hungary which completes the weekend into a 4-day-long holiday full of interesting programmes. In Hungary, parades, picnics and various festivals are organised on this occasion some of which already start during the weekend in Budapest and in the countryside. If you did not found any interesting programs for May Day yet, this article might give some ideas for a family outing since several Hungarian cities organise interesting festivals and celebrations during the long weekend.

If you still wonder where to spend May Day and whether to stay in the capital or rather visit the Hungarian countryside, then we provide a little assistance for you to facilitate your decision-making. Based on the article of, we offer 4 venues in Budapest and 4 in the countryside where enriching family programmes are organised on 1 May.

Free programmes in different Budapest venues

1. May Day in the City Park

The May Day programmes of the City Park are organised the 4th time this year, and similarly to previous years, the Vajdahunyad Castle gives a home to this event. The festival takes place between 28 April and 1 May and it provides cloudless relaxation and recreation for both children and adults. While in the morning, colourful children programmes, from bouncy castles to pony rides, await the visitors, stage performances with the most well-known Hungarian singers provide entertainment for adults in the afternoon. Meanwhile, do not forget to taste the gastronomical delicacies of the festival either! 🙂

/youtube/Budapest Városligeti Majális/

2. Retro May Day in Budafok (Campona)

Do you like travelling back in time and reminiscing about the past? If you feel like immersing yourself again in the era of spotted skirts and shirts and retro songs, visit the Campona shopping mall in Nagytétényi Street where this feeling is undoubtedly guaranteed on May Day. Besides arts and crafts exhibition, you can also enjoy the musical performance of one of our favourite chilhood cartoons, that of Panni Pöttyös, who makes us understand that there is nothing more important in life than family, love and home.

3. May Day in Erzsébetliget

This May Day celebration in Erzsébetliget also starts with some children programmes from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. when it gives place to a retro party and some operetta performances. Therefore, the festival proves that music styles can be easily combined even during one afternoon.

Then, in the evening, Feró Nagy and the Beatrice are going to perform and make visitors sing the well-known Hungarian hits.

Meanwhile, diverse programmes such as raffle, face painting and maypole dancing, accompany the stage performances in Erzsébetliget.

4. Fish May Day in Kőbánya

Are you a lover of the great Hungarian fish soup? Then, this festival is absolutely for you. All day long, fish soup is getting cooked in the framework of a fish soup cooking competition. This year, the organisers provide all the necessary equipment for the competitors including the outdoor fireplace, the firewood and the fish. Those who visit this festival will certainly not leave with an empty stomach. 🙂

fish soup

Free programmes in the Hungarian countryside

1. May Day in Veszprém

The spring welcome festival of Veszprém offers various programmes throughout the day.

From a fishing competition to a dog show performed by the Veszprém County Search Rescue Service to a modern dance performance, there is a lot to discover and enjoy.

During the day, sightseeing flights are organised over the city that guarantee an unforgettable experience for the whole family. However, less adventurous families should not worry either because they can also enjoy themselves by participating in family competitions where the best competitors are awarded at the end of the day.

2. Spring Lantern and Boat Festival in Esztergom

The spring festival programmes organised in Esztergom already start with some afternoon and late night concerts on Sunday while the long-awaited exhibition of veteran cars and racing boats take place only on Monday along with the spectacular parade of lanters. Stage performances, a magnificent firework display and a vibrant fair including a number of stands will ensure the lively atmosphere.

Take a look at the video about the festival organised in 2017!

3. Pálinka and Mangalica Festival in Zalaegerszeg

This celebration has slowly become the biggest gastro-cultural event in Zala county attracting thousands of visitors every year. This is a 4-day-long free festival organised between 28 April and 1 May, which is enriched by the mangalica cooking competition, several concerts, the eye-catching procession of motorbikes and children programmes.

/facebook/Pálinka és Mangalica Majális/

4. Street Art Show in Eger

Unlike any other festival, the spring festival of Eger lasts for 48 days and takes place between 15 March and 1 May. You should not worry if you have not had the opportunity yet to visit Eger since there are still lots of fascinating programmes, concerts and exhibitions awaiting festival-goers. Between 28 April and 1 May, the Hungarian wines and gastronomy are in the center of attention. This is the 6th time that the Egri Csillag Weekend is organised where the best vintners of Eger offer their amazing products along with other culinary delicacies, reports

No matter whether you stay in the capital or visit the Hungarian countryside, enriching cultural experiences await you and your family on May Day. Let’s get out the most of the long weekend and spend some time with your family in Hungary! 🙂


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