Komárom danube bridge hungary
Source: MTI

This is currently Hungary’s most spectacular construction site where, in the end, the bridge will provide a new opportunity for border crossing between Slovakia and Hungary. The deadline set for the inauguration is summer 2020.

Magyar Epitok reported that the final section of a new cross-border bridge over the Danube River between Komarom, Hungary and Komarno, Slovakia was fixed in place on Tuesday. This final section of the total of 36 has a length of 15 metres and weighs around 80 tonnes.

Because of the winter break, work will continue only next spring with the insulation and the asphalting of the bridge. Furthermore, it still has to be protected from corrosion, handrails and lane markings should be placed on it, together with public and decorative lighting. Finally, a monitoring and alarm system will be put into operation with warning signs for ships and planes.

Komárom danube bridge hungary
Source: facebook.com/pg/nifzrt

According to the schedule, the bridge, built by the Hídépítő Zrt. and the Mészáros and Mészáros Ltd., will be opened for the public in summer 2020. The technical handover and takeover process will be finished by the end of next May, and after that, the authorities of both countries have to issue the necessary permissions and allow the use of the bridge for the public. Therefore, the expected opening of the bridge is at the end of June 2020.

The bridge is specific because the pylon close to the Slovakian side is biased. The 118-metre-high pylon’s function is to hold the upper structures of the bridge. There is

20 thousand cubic metres of concrete built into the bridge,

which weighs 7 thousand tons plus the cables with their 320 tons.

Komárom danube bridge hungary
Source: facebook.com/pg/nifzrt

We reported HERE for the first time that there would be a new bridge built between the Slovakian and the Hungarian side of Komárom. In the article, you can check how the bridge will look like when it is ready.   

The bridge’s construction was officially launched on October 17, 2017, by then-PM of Slovakia,  Robert Fico, and the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, tasr.sk reported. It is more than 601.6 metres long, and it will connect main road Nr. 1 on the Hungarian side with state road Nr. 63 in Slovakia. In addition to two lanes for vehicles,

it will have a cycle path and a path for pedestrians.

The intergovernmental agreement on constructing the bridge, which is being co-funded by EU funds, was signed in 2012.

The bridge was needed between the two quickly-developing countries because currently, there is only one road bridge between the two Komároms (one in Slovakia and one in Hungary). When the new bridge is completed, heavy lorries will be able to cross it, meaning that they will no longer have to pass through the centres of the two towns.

Komarno (Slovakia) and Komárom (Hungary) used to form a single town on both banks of the River Danube in the Kingdom of Hungary. After WWI, however, the Peace Treaty of Trianon separated them by creating Czechoslovakia on the other side of the Danube.

Source: magyarepitok.hu, tasr.sk

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