Several hundreds of people attended the Night of Museums this year too. Most of the museums were waiting for the visitors with unusual guided tours and demonstrations. In the most popular places, there were huge queues, for example, in front of the Rock Hospital located under Buda Castle, there was a 200m-long queue. Museum directors said thanks to the event, the number of visitors also increases during the year, said.

Gingerbread decorating, weaving and beading. The visitors are awaited with colorful programs in the Veszprem museum already in the afternoon. “Night of Museums is one of the biggest celebrations of the museologists. And now, it’s been held in Hungary for 12 years, so we hope it will continue in this way” – Director of Laczko Dezso Museum said.

At the Night of Museums, visitors are awaited with around 2500 programs in 420 locations across the country. “400 thousand visitors are realized in one night. This time, the museums show their new faces, not just the exhibitions are opened before the visitors in the night, but museum educational workshops are also held, new rarities are being presented” – Secretary of State for Culture Peter Hoppal said.


In the Palace of Wonders, the crowd was flowing before opening. “First of all, we experience  at the children that the mirror labyrinth is what gives them a very great experience, but they can experience from planet searching through the simple physical experiments to the entire palette, and as many people, so many favorites” – Andras Jako, shift manager of Palace of Wonders said.

According to, huge queue stood in front of the Rock Hospital too. Originally, the place was a hospital which was already operating during the World War 2 and in 1956, and after that, it was transformed into a nuclear-proof hospital, which can be used after a nuclear attack too.

Thousands of people were interested in the collection made from the photos of the Hungarian-born Robert Capa. Most of the visitors usually visited 2-3 museums during the night. “We were at the Asian museum, but only in passing so far, so we’ll come back, because the queue was so long that we bypassed and looked for one where we can faster get in. But we won’t stop until midnight” – one of the said.

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Urania National Film Theater also joined the program, they showed spectacular documentaries.

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