According to, Hungarians may get flat credit for sun collectors and window replacement.

More than 20,000 homes could have its energy system repaired from EU funds.

The application for the renovation of family houses’ and apartment buildings’ energy systems can be sent from 24th April. The credit program has a frame of 115 billion forints and has zero percent interest. Family houses may apply for a maximum of 10 million, flat blocks could apply for a maximum of 7 million forints of credit, with even 20 years of running time – states Portfolio.

The MFB residential credit programs and Otthon Melege Program (Warm Home Program) are supporting options independent from each other.

This year, the source Otthon Melege Program will be provided by the budget of 2017, while the zero percent credit programs will be provided by EU funds. The frame in the central region is 9.41 billion forints, and 105.2 billion nationwide, so more than 20,000 homes can be renewed from it.

It is important to note that the loan given to apartment buildings and housing cooperatives cannot go above the 25% of the frame all together.

The requirements of the application:

  • Family houses, apartment buildings, free housings, terraced houses, semi-detached houses, weekend houses, holiday homes, apartment buildings and housing cooperative flats can apply for the loan.
  • The sum of the loan can vary between 500 thousand and 10 million forints in the case of a natural person, and between 500 thousand and 7 million per flat in the case of apartment buildings and housing cooperatives.
  • The amount of own resources is at least the 10% of the eligible costs.
  • The mortgage, caution and lien based on demand on the estate cannot be accepted as forms of insurance.
  • The loan can only be demanded with a filled credit application form and the required attachments.

The following may be provided for the applicants if they want to improve their energy effectiveness:

  • The thermal insulation of the isolating structures that separate heated and non-heated rooms and do not function as doors or windows.
  • The reparation of the isolating structures that separate heated and non-heated rooms that function as doors or windows, making them more energy-saving.
  • The improvement of buildings summer heat protection, installation of shading or shade casting structures.
  • The renovation of heating or hot water systems.
  • The renovation of heat regenerator devices.
  • The change of inner and outer lighting systems for the sake of energy saving.

And these are the renewable energy projects for which people can apply:

  • Installation of solar collectors.
  • Installation of briquette, pellet, wood chip and wood log burner boiler systems.
  • Installation of solar cell systems for network or autonomous energy production, exclusively for the supply of the building affected by the improvement.
  • Application of geothermal-water, water-water, air-water heat pump systems for heating and/or hot water production and/or extra heating.

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