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Survey: Support for ruling parties strengthens, for leftist opposition weakens

Survey: Support for ruling parties strengthens, for leftist opposition weakens

Support for the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance increased while for three opposition parties weakened in the second quarter of the year, a fresh poll released by the Tárki Research Institute on Wednesday showed.

The poll showed FideszKDNP‘s support going up by two percentage points to 35 percent in the whole sample and by four percentage points to 55 percent among decided voters as against the results of the last poll taken in April.

The opposition Jobbik‘s backing remained unchanged at 11 percent among all voters and at 17 percent among decided ones, Tárki said.

Support for the Socialists dropped by three percentage points to 7 percent among all voters and by four points to 11 percent among decided ones.


The leftist Democratic Coalition‘s support dropped by two points to 3 percent in the whole sample and by three points to 5 percent among decided voters.

Együtt and green LMP had support by 1 and 2 percent of all respondents and by 1 and 3 percent among decided voters, respectively. The Dialogue party and Liberals failed to reach the 1 percent mark.

Tarki gauged opinion for new opposition party Momentum for the second time and showed its support going up one point to 2 percent among all respondents and to 3 percent among decided voters.

Tárki said that around 35-36 percent of respondents were unable or unwilling to indicate a party preference, unchanged since the April poll.

The representative poll was conducted on a sample of 1,017 people between July 14 and 23.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI/Tárki

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  1. Sander Driessen

    I hope that this result may be the real outcome at the coming elections. Hungary is blessed with a strong leader such as Mr. Orbán Viktor.

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