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The man punched the crew of the airport with his fist, but the police immediately arrested him, and the court already expelled him from the country.

Many members of the crew were attacked and hit by a 25-year-old Syrian man on terminal number 2A after they did not let him through the crew passage last week, Index reported

According to the press department of the Hungarian National Police Headquarters (ORFK), the man wanted to pass through an area that is strictly forbidden for passengers and therefore protected by guards. Since they did not let the man enter the area, he got angry and attacked them. Shortly after, police officers arrived and arrested him.

Officers of the Airport Police Directorate interrogated and took him into custody because of committing grievous bodily injury as well as an affray. The ORFK added that they sent all relevant documents to the prosecution office, and the Syrian man was already tried on Monday.

The court expelled him from Hungary for four years.

This is not the first time that Hungarian news is about Syrian citizens. A 27-year-old man, Hassan F., who is alleged to have commanded an armed group of the Islamic State, was arrested in Hungary in March this year and now faces life imprisonment for being a member of the Islamic State terrorist organisation for which he allegedly carried out acts of terrorism and crimes against humanity.

According to the indictment, the man ordered multiple executions in his homeland in May 2015. Hassan F. is suspected of having ordered the occupation of Al-Sukhnah in the Syrian province of Homs and drawing up a “death list” of those who rejected the Islamic State’s goals. The executions included

the public beheading of the local imam

and at least 25 people in the town, including women and children. Hassan F. is also suspected of having personally participated in the execution of the imam and at least another two people. He also allegedly shot another person, Ibolya said in a statement.

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Source: index.hu

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