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A Syrian man arrested in Budapest, who is suspected of terrorism and involvement in a series of executions in his homeland in 2016, received a prepaid bank card after arriving in the European Union, current affairs channel M1 reported on Tuesday.

Information acquired by showed that

the man known as Hassan F had received a prepaid bank card with 500 euros.

The man tried to avoid detention, claiming that he had ties to the secret services, the website said. During a court hearing, he said he was an agent of the Greek secret services and was in charge of identifying Jihadists who had arrived in Europe.

János Hajdu, director of counter terrorism centre TEK, told M1 that the man had made many claims in an attempt to avoid justice. All the information is now being checked with the help of international partners where necessary, he added.

The man’s lawyer, László Kelen, told the channel that

his client had received the bank card with 500 euros in Greece and it was only valid there.

As we wrote before, Hassan F has been taken into custody in Hungary, the Budapest public prosecutor said on Sunday, details and VIDEO HERE.

Also we reported, in 2017, three Syrian nationals suspected of being involved in a money laundering gang have been arrested in Hungary, in an international operation by the Italian and Hungarian police, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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