Szigetmonostor Szentendre Island

This video introduces Szigetmonostor, a lovely village on the Szentendre Island, close to Budapest. It shows the village from a brand-new perspective including the smallest details, as reports.

It is a charming village on the most southern end of the Szentendre Island that is situated near to the Danube bend, 20 kilometres away from North Budapest. Szigetmonostor means ‘Island Monastery’ that shows the village’s commitment to religion. This name preserves the memory of the long-ago Saint Salvador Abbey that was situated in this area. Szigetmonotor can be proud of the fact that it has the highest birth rate in Hungary. Furthermore, its inhabitants have been living in close harmony with nature for a long time.

Szigetmonostor Danube

Additionally, this lovely village is an abundant water source that provides water for many people living in Budapest. Furthermore, this water source is also the clearest one in Europe. Ten stores below the Danube’s surface, there is the mystical tunnel system of Budapest Waterworks connecting the island with the shore.

About the area

It is a less known fact that the biggest military hospital lied here during the Ottoman attacks. Many doctors arriving at the “Island of Peace” gave back the hope of homecoming here.

Szigetmonostor Szentendre Island

The Szentendrei Island and its surroundings is a nature reservation due to its wonderful location, beauty, and values. 200 bird species live in the flood basin’s pine forest, and tourists can examine 25 protected plants near to the paths. The charm of the quaint village lies in the Danube and its mesmerising natural beauties. Due to the calmness and silence, many people travel here to escape the hectic everyday life in busy cities.

If you would like to have a break from the everyday treadwheel, this beautiful village is the perfect destination for you.

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