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Daily News Hungary
Budapest, June 15 (MTI) – It is in the basic interest of both the European Union and Hungary that Britain remain in the bloc, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday at the inauguration of a British investment in southeastern Hungary.
Szijjarto said that a British withdrawal from the EU would be a major loss both politically and economically.

Hungary shares many points of view with the UK on the question of European integration, such as the importance of sovereignty and on the responsibility of national parliaments. It is important that this type of thinking is represented by a strong player within the EU, he said.

British-owned packaging company Mondi is investing 13 billion forints (EUR 41m) at its base in Bekescsaba, creating 220 jobs. The company is receiving a government grant of 1.8 billion forints for the project. Mondi will upgrade its existing production facilities, instal machinery that uses new technologies, and build new production halls, a warehouse and a logistics centre.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matter

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  1. If Brexit wins we will be sad to leave you, however this will not stop us doing business with Hungary I can assure you all. I long to sample your your cherry’s, you had according to my father in law a good harvest, however due to CAP we are somehow prohibited by the EU from importing this item and many others.
    All the EU wants from the UK is our money to support it’s mad policies. We like democracy and open laws. We can get rid of any politician who non performs which you cannot do if your’e a member of the EU where laws are passed behind locked doors. Immigration is a great example of what we do not want, nor can ever control our borders and nearly all our EU vote voice go unheeded.
    So come and join us? we would love to have you and any one else from the EU
    we are democratic which is enjoyed world wide by our Commonwealth for many years now.

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