Viktor Szigetvári, photo: MTI

Budapest, February 20 (MTI) – The opposition Együtt party has decided to turn to the Kuria, Hungary’s supreme court, over an alleged incident in which police formed a line in front of party activists in an underpass, preventing them from collecting signatures in support of a referendum on Budapest’s Olympic bid early in February.

Last week, the Municipal Election Committee turned down Együtt’s complaint, saying they had not presented evidence that election rules had been violated.

Viktor Szigetvari, head of Együtt’s national board, however, told a press conference on Monday that the police action “was indeed illegitimate”.

The police said the blockade had been mounted to detain a wanted criminal.

Együtt activists were collecting signatures for the Momentum Movement to support a plebiscite asking Budapest residents if they wanted the 2024 Olympic Games to be held in the city.

Photo: MTi

Source: MTI

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