According to, steam bathing has been one of the favourite activities of people desiring to rest and heal for centuries. Most people connect it with relaxing and facial treatments, but it actually has much more to it 😉

Hungarians and different cultures all over the world discovered the benefits of steam baths quite a long time ago. The bathing ritual played an important role in – among others – the Roman, Turkish and Indian culture. Hippocrates, the father of sciences, stated:

“Let me be powerful enough to cause fever so that I could cure all diseases”

This is something researchers and academics still find true and relevant. Fever is one of the most effective protection against diseases. Fever increases the body’s temperature, thus trying to kill invasive microorganisms and extruding contaminants from the system.

Fever has been acknowledged as an effective and natural way of curing illnesses and restoring health for centuries.

The hypothermia generates fever in the body on purpose so that it can take advantage of its natural, curing reaction. And the easiest way to produce hypothermia is by using the steam bath.

You can strengthen your immune system by visiting one of the many steam baths found in Hungary. The process invigorates blood circulation so that our body can detoxify itself through the lymphatic system.

Steam bathing isn’t only beneficial for our health and appearance, it can also be considered a type of therapy. Thanks to its high humidity, it has a positive effect on respiratory problems since it works similarly to inhalation. It eliminates exudates and allergens from the lungs.

It is a great therapy in case of asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, frontal sinusitis and allergies. The warm and wet air of the steam bath alleviates the bronchia, lungs, nasal passages, thus decreasing the pain.

In addition, sweating is quite beneficial for the skin, because the pores open up so that our body can make a clean sweep of toxins and dead epithelial cells.

Dermatologists have also confirmed that steam bathing makes your skin shinier and softer. The reason behind this is that the process invigorates blood circulation, the oxygen supply of deeper layers increases, therefore cells get the nutrients faster and more effectively.

Last but not least, steam baths offer a cure for muscular pain and arthralgia. The injured parts of our body get oxygen and nutrients faster, which speeds up the healing process. This is beneficial in two ways: it immediately eases the pain and speeds up the self-curing mechanisms of our body.

Even 10-15 minutes of steam bathing could do wonders for your health 😉


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