The Hungarian Long Range Archery Team set several world records at 2017 US World Ranking Competition held in Utah reported the vice-President of Traditional Archery World Federation Pál Posta.

The Hungarian team have scored 10 first places in different categories, of which 4 are new records in World Archery League list.

József Mónus broke his earlier world record by 35 meters; in this category, 6 of the possible 7 records are tied to his name.

Mónus’ wife Anna Ruszin, Kiara Prokaj and László Mónus also finished first in their own categories. Their scores are recorded as world records by the World Archery Federation.

A respectable diplomatic success was also achieved during the world competition; the newly formed World Flight Archery Federation has elected József Mónus as the president of the federation; one of the goals of the newly formed organisation besides organising world competitions, is to research the history of archery.

József Mónus posing with the Hungarian flag
Kiara Prokaj and László Mónus are holding flags
Kiara Prokaj posing with the Hungarian flag

Video showing Team Hungary’s training during 2016 World Championship in Utah:



Source: József Facebook

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