Origo.hu collected ten trees which through their existence, they warn us of taking care of our natural treasures.

  1. The Basa Tree of Nagykoros

The age of the 31-meter-tall oak near the Nagykoros forest is estimated at 400-500 years. It is called Basa Tree or Paul Tree by locals, but they say the original Basa Tree was another, even older tree which was cut down years ago.

  1. The Wild Pear Tree of Godollo

It is one of the country’s oldest and biggest wild pear tree. It stands in the botanical garden of the Szent Istvan University, Godollo. The tree survived several hard periods, but it still blossoms in the spring and spoil the birds with fruits in the summer.

Allegedly, Lajos Kossuth wrote the Declaration of Independence at this tree after the Battle of Isaszeg.

  1. The Ancients’ Tree of Budafok

The more than 250-year-old tree stands in front of a chapel, and there was the first cemetery of the settlement as well. The maple has great reputation among Budafok residents, they lay a wreath the wooden headboard at the tree on the day of Peter and Paul, origo.hu wrote.

  1. The Old Linden of Szokedencs

The old linen is a real Methuselah; it is at least 700 years old. The tree is still held in high esteem and is meticulously cared. It was not used fuel even in the worst times. A few years ago during the construction of a retaining wall, the ruins of an Arpad-era church was found.

  1. The Gray Poplar of Vaja

The tree, which stands near Mor, impresses the people with its considerable sizes. It is the largest known specimen in the country with its 9.1-meter circumference. The tree’s height is 18 meters and its age is between 150 and 300 years. The settlement near the tree was called Vajapuszta, now it is part of Mor.

  1. Old Linden of Felsomocsolad

According to origo.hu, the Old Linden of Felsomocsolad is the pride of the Somogy county village. It is 400 years old, and it became not only the Tree of the Year in 2011, but also won the European competition as well in 2012. The legend says that a lightning struck the surroundings, the forest burnt down and a huge gap was opened, which was called the Hell’s throat. Only one linden survived the destruction whose seeds were carried by ravens, this is how the forest reborn.

  1. The Plane Tree of Eger

It was chosen the Tree of the Year in 2012 and won the European Tree of the Year next year. Its age is around 250 years, its height is 40 meters, the girth is 850 centimeters. The plane tree is located in the area of the Eger thermal bath.

  1. The Anna Grove Old Oak of Szarvas

The small town of Bekes county has a lot of dendrological rarities. The city was once the estate of the Italian Bolza family, they founded the arboretum. Its predecessor is Anna grove. Jozsef Bolza and his wife, Anna Batthyany began to build a park here in the early 1800s. The oldest of the Anna grove’s old oaks is almost 300 years old, it preservers the memory of a bygone age with its companions, origo.hu wrote.

  1. The Big Plane Tree of Tata

The big plane tree became the Tree of the Year in 2014. A lot of locals and tourists visit the emblematic Methuselah of the town in the summer. It is located at the lake, which was created in 1747 and it was used as a fish pond as part of the Esterhazy estate.

  1. The Three Lindens of Kapolna

Kapolna, Heves county, is the scene of one of the notable battles of Hungary. The famous lindens of the village were planted in honor of the church built in 1784. Later, the trees witnessed one of the battles of the 1848/49 War of Independence.

based on the origo.hu
translated by BA

Photo: A godolloi ven vackorfa (The Wild Pear Tree of Godollo) Facebook page

Source: http://www.origo.hu

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