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Rural tourism might be appealing to someone who has been stuck on the conveyor belt for a while, and is in serious need for some peace and quiet. Cartour magazine collected the 8 most beautiful Hungarian villages that are worth visiting if you feel like escaping from the loudness of the city.


Cégénydányád is a village located in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of Eastern Hungary. The most spectacular sight in this town is probably the Kölcsey-Kende Castle and its exotic garden. Visitors can get to know what life was like in rural Hungary in the 19th century.


The small village of Csaroda is located in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of Eastern Hungary. It has its beautiful 13th-century Romanesque village church with 14th-century Gothic frescos, 17th-century paintings and wood-carvings. There is also an old wooden bell-tower from the 13th century that stands by the church. The church is Csaroda is considered to be the most beautiful church in all Hungary by many. It is also called the church of the smiling saints.

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Egerszalók is an open-air spa and village located in Heves County (in the North-Eastern parts of Hungary). There are springs which yield 68°C mineral water from an aquifer located under the volcanic Mátra Mountains. The village has one of the most beloved spas in the country, which is surrounded by pine and apple trees. Here, visitors can also try the famous Hungarian red wine of this region: Egri bikavér (bull’s blood). Besides the spa, the village is also famous for its 18 cave houses from the 17th century, some of which have been turned into a museum.



Noszvaj is a village in Heves County, in the Northern region of Hungary. Noszvaj is also known for its cave houses, which are filled with the works of Hungarian artists, creating a very unique place. There is also a castle in the village called the De La Motte palace which is also worth seeing.

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Palóznak is a village located in the Balatonfüred region in Veszprém county. According to archaeological findings, the place is inhabited since 5000 years ago. The village is famous for preserving the traditional settlement structure of the Balaton-highlands. Locals make a living primarily from wine and tourism. The village is full of old, historic buildings, which are kept in very good shape, including a Gothic church and the Pongrácz castle.


Vácrátót is very close to the capital, located in Pest county. The most famous tourist attraction of the town is its botanical garden which houses over 13,000 plant species. The 27-hectare-garden complex offers a new are for exploration every 2 months.

Vácrátót botanical garden
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Szatmárcseke is a village in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, in the Northern Great Plain region of Eastern Hungary. It might seem strange, but the village is famous for its historic cemetery. Famous Hungarian poet Ferenc Kölcsey was also buried here. The cemetery is officially a monument since 1973, and many people regard it as a sanctuary.


Vérteskozma consists of one street, yet, it never ceased to attract tourists. This is a beautiful small village which offers anything rural tourism is loved for: peace, quiet, surrounded by nature.

Vérteskozma village
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