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Hungarians definitely do not despise drinking alcohol. Our cuisine has a rich history, filled with interesting episodes of different beverages. The team of Great Big Story presents the history of Budapest through three iconic cups that represent pálinka, unicum and soda water.

If you are not familiar with Hungarian alcoholic drinks or would like to learn their names, we suggest you check out our mini language lesson centred around the topic. And if you are familiar with Hungarian alcohols, then you probably know how special our pálinka culture is, for instance.

According to Great Big Story, there’s more to cheers than just wine and beer in Budapest, where three drinks reign supreme: pálinka, unicum and soda water.

“Pálinka, known as “firewater,” is not a drink for the faint of heart, boasting an alcohol content between 40 and 50 percent.

Next up, the bitter tasting unicum is a concoction created using 40 different herbs as per a centuries-old family recipe. Finally, the stalwart soda water, now found in every bar, restaurant and café, is a vital part of Budapest’s history and culture (and spritzer).”

The video was made in partnership with the Hungarian Tourism Agency, similarly to THIS and THIS.

Featured image: www.youtube.com/GreatBigStory

Source: www.youtube.com/GreatBigStory

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