Budapest Trianon memorial 2020

On 26 April the construction permission of the 100 meters long Memorial of National Unity’ was granted by the District V’s Office of the Budapest Metropolitan Government Office. The construction will take place on the Alkotmány street reaching Kossuth Square.

According to, the news about the memorial leaked out first last year: according to a government regulation related to Imre Steindl Program, one part of the Alkotmány street, which lies between Kossuth Lajos Square and Honvéd street, could be renovated for about 5 billion Forints. The Memorial of National Unity could be part of this renovation. At that time only the completion date was public: the memorial will be completed until the centennial of the Trianon Peace Treaty (4 June 2020).

This April it became public what the memorial will look like: HUNGARY TO ERECT MEMORIAL OF TRIANON PEACE TREATY FOR THE 100TH ANNIVERSARY IN 2020

According to an earlier article of Urbanista, there will be a 100 metres long sloping ramp on the part of the Alkotmány street which is closer to Kossuth Square. On the walls of this ramp, the names of the detached places will be randomly listed. At the end of the ramp, there will be a sanctuary lamp, which will symbolise national unity. Tamás Wachsler, the CEO of the Imre Steindl Program, claimed to Magyar Nemzet that he hopes the contract will be signed in a few days and the working process can start before the end of April.

Time is not wasted: according to, the government desires the memorial so much that it could be built without any social debate and neglecting almost all the rules. They declared earlier: it is not necessary to obtain any architectural-technical advice or carry out any procedure in connection with cityscape- or landscape-protection. Furthermore, the construction process doesn’t need any advice from the Committee for the Protection of Ancient Monuments, neither plans for public-place reconstructions.

The site states that one part of the historical building of the Ministry of Agriculture on Kossuth Square has to be demolished as well. As a reaction to the article, on the same day, Tamás Wachsler sent a statement to MTI in which he claimed that nothing would be demolished due to the memorial. The necessary reconstructions regarding the building of the Ministry will be executed due to other reasons.

‘Those parts which were built subsequently and are not under protection will be demolished permanently, while other parts just temporarily’.

But this is an essential step in the necessary cityscape renovation process, and the appearance of the building will be restored completely. Moreover, it will be an issue only 1.5 years after the memorial’s construction.

translated by Sára Anton



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