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In this part of the year, the Hungarians mourn the great loss that the Treaty of Trianon caused after WWI. This June 4 marks the 98th anniversary of Hungary losing a huge part of its territory and millions of its beloved citizens.

About the Treaty of Trianon

Hungary joined WWI as part of the long-ago Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even though the Hungarian leadership disagreed on the decision of the declaration of war against Serbia, it was its duty to follow the Empire’s command. In the end, WWI cost the life 660,000 beloved Hungarian military personnel lives. On the top of being part of those countries who lost, Hungary had to pay a big price: the Treaty of Trianon included taking away a gigantic part of Hungary’s territory including millions of Hungarian citizens living there. Because this tragedy had a great impact on Hungary’s history, the Hungarian Government appointed the 4th of June the National Togetherness Day (Nemzeti Összetartozás Napja).

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More information

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  1. The most disgusting display of haughty, ignorant politicians shoving their whole heads into the trough like pigs to destroy a historic nation. I would love to see a book published showing what each and every member received as bribes. These idiots brought about wwII and should have been charged with war crimes.

  2. The French broke apart the Kingdom and protectorate of Europe. Now France and the west are paying the price. Ce domage!

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