Recent years have seen the emergence of an alternative rock scene in Hungary with bands that could easily feature in the line-up of big Western festivals like Glastonbury. This young generation of new wave rock has all it takes: they sing in English, wear black jackets and have great guitar riffs. Discover three of them and have a listen below.

Middlemist Red


Formed in 2012, Middlemist Red’s neo-psych rock channels The Horrors, Tame Impala, and the Arctic Doors, combining garage-, blues- and psychedelic rock. Their 2014 debut album was accompanied by a full house show on A38 ship and was followed by a second album in 2016 that moves in the direction of indie synth pop.  Catch them in July at Bánkitó Fesztivál, Campus Fesztivál, or the Valley of Arts Festival.

Deep Glaze


Deep Glaze has been described as one of the most special contenders of the new alternative guitar scene of Hungary. The band, mixing alternative, surf-, indie- and psychedelic pop rock, debuted in 2015. Their influences range from jazz to electronica to noise punk, and they keep looking for new and surprising elements – their first full-length release in 2018, for instance, features the buzuki, a traditional Greek instrument, in honour of the Greek origins of two of its founding members. Similar to Middlemist Red, you can hear them play at Bánkitó Fesztivál and Campus Fesztivál this summer.


Fran Palermo


Fran Palermo has been around the longest on the scene, having been formed in 2011, and are the most popular of the three. Marrying indie folk, alternative rock and baroque pop, they have created a truly unique soundscape of jungle/Mediterranean pop, gathering a solid fan base in the process. See them live at VOLT Fesztivál in Sopron in June or Bánkitó and Campus Fesztivál in July.

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