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In Hungary, first time in Central-Eastern Europe (CEE), Edutus University launches its Blockchain specialized training program with the support of Digital Welfare Program (DWP). Blockchain program aims to present the logic of the innovative technology, wide range applicability and introduction of its possible role in business life. Particular fields of the university level blockchain education taken place in the Budapest Campus is led by Blockchaineum, Solidity Services and experts of NLV8. Enrollment to the program starts from the beginning of March this year and the program itself starts from September 2019.

According to, more and more sectors considered up to this time as traditional industries are completely transformed by innovative technologies on the global market. As self-evident consequence of this, applications of blockchain based databases acquire an increasingly significant role in data storing and transmission, and in creation of anonymous registries. Business potential in blockchains are various, but sectoral experts agree in the main obstacle of further dissemination: relevant actors of business life do not understand properly the basic principles of blockchain operations, its logic, its orientation and the development possibilities hidden inside.

Edutus University is among the firsts on the Hungarian higher education market in successful organization of practice-oriented specialized training courses that reflect real market needs.

Considering the dissemination dynamics of Hungarian and international blockchain market, first in CEE region, launches its university level blockchain expert training in the Budapest Campus in 2019. Dr. Andrea Némethné Gál, rector of Edutus University emphasizes: ‘We are constantly monitoring Hungarian and international trends, since our competitive advantage stands with our flexible education portfolio tailored to market needs and implemented on the highest professional level. Obviously, we invite the best experts of the given topic as speakers and lecturers for all our training programs. By launching the blockchain course, we line up with such world-famous institutions like Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, which has blockchain in its training portfolio.’

DWP provides professional support to the university level specialized trainings. According to László Jobbágy, CEO of Digital Welfare Non-profit Ltd.: ‘Financial sector is among the fields, where digitalization makes possible the jumping to the edge, all the more, since the Hungarian financial sector in technological terms already belongs to the leading group.  This is the reason why DWP aims to help Hungary reaching a regional leading role in the fields of fintech and blockchain. A comprehensive fintech and blockchain strategy to be elaborated inside the DWP framework will formulate concrete professional recommendations for the utilization of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology in a couple of years’ time frame will result in serious competitive disadvantage for a company if cannot build up competencies needed for use. But not only IT professionals should be familiar with the concepts, block-chain expert lawyers, business analysts, project- managers and public service developers.

The specialized blockchain training in Edutus University is a crucial step in this direction.’

According to Tamás Czeglédi, co-founder of Blockchaineum and one of the supervisors of the university blockchain training:  ‘During the training we strongly emphasize a thorough and profound discussion of the structure, logic and business application of blockchain. Besides the theoretical education we carefully investigate, explore and remodel practical examples and case studies. I strongly trust that after one or two semesters numerous interested students will arrive to us from the neighbouring countries who after the course will be able to use their acquired knowledge in their own business environment.’

The specialized training is open for those already holding a diploma.

More information: University Blockchain Training in Budapest


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