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Péter Szijjártó.
One of the deputy state secretaries wrote a letter to the Hungarian embassies in the European Union inquiring about the relevant information. Telex, a new Hungarian news portal existing only on Facebook yet, could acquire the letter and write the story on the social media platform.
According to, the letter wanted information about Hungarian journalists’ business trips to the given EU member state. József Magyar, the deputy secretary signing the letter, wanted to know whether the country organised any visit, training, or study trips for Hungarian journalists recently. If the answer was yes, he wanted to know the date of the trips and
the name of those media outlets that took part in them.
Furthermore, he also inquired about the newspapers and organisations the journalists taking part in the trip visited during their training or study trip.
The ministry wrote the letter on June 2, and they expected to receive the answer to it by June 3, 1 pm. As for the short notice, deputy secretary Magyar said he was sorry.
Telex sent a long list of questions to the press department of the ministry asking for more details. They wanted to know why they were in a hurry regarding this issue, why they needed such a list, and what they did with the information acquired. The foreign ministry said that their task was to do everything to prevent any foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of Hungary. They added that, based on their experience,
Soros-organisations are behind such attacks.
Telex asked the aim of compiling such databases from Tamás Menczer, Minister of State for Communication and Hungary’s International Image at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, but neither of them answered.
Telex would like to become the next, which is currently the biggest Hungarian news website. As we reported before, however, the editorial board left the media outlet in August because they claimed that it was no longer independent from the influence of the government. The majority of the staff would like to create something new, so they started Telex on Facebook. Interestingly, they already have more than 300 thousand likes.


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