and report that two Hungarian professionals achieved a breakthrough in the area of laser surgeries and importantly their study has been used for improving the sight of American fighter pilots.

Hungarian physicists Tibor Juhász and Zoltán Zsolt Nagy could carry out an exceptional achievement when their invention became an applied tool in the health industry which is used on the highest levels. Notably, both of the scientists started their career at the University of Szeged and their development team include several physicists from Szeged as well.

Among them can be found Gábor Szabó who told that this success is really important, especially because the development took a lot of time and money and, against all odds, it did not fail. Besides, he mentioned that except for the inventions belonging to the area of IT, no Hungarian invention could spread this much in the world.

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The point of the invention of Juhász is that a laser machine developed for vision correction got further improved until it became available to be used for cataract surgeries. The femto laser wounds the cornea, creates space for the lenses and carries out the division of the lenses. Those three are the significant steps of such surgeries and by industrializing the process the implementation got perfected.

It is important, for medicals and patients both may have good and bad days all the same, whereas, thanks to the machine, consistent results are received which are also far better than the results of traditional surgeries. And it just gets more and more significant as cataracts are not only the problem of the elderly anymore.

The machine was used in Hungary for the very first time in 2008 and later every operation necessary for the machine to be accepted as a new procedure of operation was carried out in the country as well. They were implemented by Zoltán Zsolt Nagy and his team in Budapest, and the very first one to operate with the machine was the professor directing the clinic.

Ever since the second-generation laser technology was introduced in 2011 more than a million operations were carried out in the world. For example, the use of the machine is the only way to operate the fighter pilots of the US navy, as it is less risky than the other surgeries, plus the recovery from it is quicker.

Currently, since the National Health Insurance Fund does not support it yet there is only one machine in Hungary, which can be found at the eye clinic of SOTE. Even though patients may not be able to afford the surgeries, Szabó said it would be wise to bring one machine to Szeged for scientific purposes, especially as the optics, laser physics and ophthalmology are at the same location.

A video introducing some excellent Hungarian inventions

Moreover, Juhász and Nagy are working on the improvement of laser eye surgeries at the moment as well, one of their projects aims to cure the disease accompanied by the thinning of the cornea through the insertion of a ring. For such a process the cutting has to be of thousandth of millimetre precision.

The other aim is the use of a laser device to cure the disease called presbyopia, which causes the patients inability to read without glasses on. To solve this problem lenses would be implemented into the corneal stock which would then focus the lights and thus ensure perfect vision. Importantly, the trial of this operation is also planned to be done in Hungary.

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