HDF 34th ’László Bercsényi’ Special Operations Battalion

The Hungarian Special Force (officially MH 34. Bercsényi László Különleges Műveleti Zászlóalj/ HDF 34th ’László Bercsényi’ Special Operations Battalion) serves as Hungary’s special unit.  

HDF 34th ’László Bercsényi’ Special Operations Battalion

Originally, it was formed on 1 October 1939 under the name of Hungarian Defence Parachute Battalion (Honvéd Ejtőernyős Zászlóalj), but the operation was suspended in 1954. After several reorganizations the military organization was dislocated to Szolnok in 1963. The force assumed Count László Bercsényi’s name in 1990.

The 1st reconnaissance troop assisted NATO after Hungary joined the organization, and was a member of the AMF(L) (Allied Mobile Forces-Land) between 1999 and 2003. Later, AMF(L) was replaced by the NRF (NATO Response Force) and the reconnaissance troop became a member on 16 January 2004. The unit was reorganized as a special force on 1 September 2005.

The special force’s main tasks among others are: carrying out special operation tasks under national or NATO command, special reconnaissance (SR), direct action (DA), military assistance (MA), and peacekeeping operations.

The HSF has taken part in several inland and national operations as well. They secured the Slavic areas during the Yugoslav wars, carried out peacekeeping operations in the area during floods, and as a member of the NRF, they regularly carry out operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

HDF 34th ’László Bercsényi’ Special Operations Battalion

Every future member of the HSF has to undergo 2 years of training, and a 3 weeks long survival training; both of these are exceptionally hard, but those who successfully complete the requirements can become a full member of the Special Forces. Besides their training, members are backed up with weapons that are above the average, as well as with high tech devices.

The battalion consists of combat, combat support, and combat service-support subunits. Their main task is to execute special operations in two companies. Thanks to its organizational structure, the HSF is able to carry out operations in small groups of 12, but together they can take on more difficult tasks as well, and the subunits can be highly self-dependant during combat.

The Force’s official day is 3 August – the birthday of László Bercsényi.

translated by Adrienn Sain

Photo: Facebook – Hungarian Special Force

Source: Daily News Hungary

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