On the first day of Sziget Festival, security guards observed strangely high activity at one of the tents on the northern part of the island. The police were informed that those who arrived with cash left the campsite with small packages in their hands.

As 444.hu describes, two twenty-year-old Dutch boys were caught, who even made a price list about the drugs they offered.

According to the news portal, this has been the largest drug-busting action in the history of Sziget Festival – EUR 15.4 thousand worth of drugs were found in the tent and luggage lockers.

The police found the following with the 21-year-old and 22-year-old Dutch delinquents:

  • One kilogram of pink, suspicious pills;
  • 128 grammes – pre-portioned – suspicious plant debris;
  • Suspicious material cigarettes stranded in 451 plastic vials;
  • Pouches used for drug distribution and drug trade.

The perpetrators did not confess to the crime but asked their release on bail. Since proceedings concern a particularly large amount; based on the prosecution’s request, the court decided to arrest the two foreigners.

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Source: 444.hu

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