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A recent poll has revealed what Hungarians think about the possible benefits of the immunised population who would be given a green light to enter catering and accommodation establishments in Hungary. Furthermore, the research also reveals the conditions under which foreign visitors should be admitted to the country, according to the majority of the respondents.

According to the latest proposal of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the immunised population – including those who have already had COVID-19 or received a vaccine – could restart the economy in Hungary. This would also mean that they could go to a restaurant or a hotel by proving their immunity. 

The opinion of Hungarians regarding the benefits of an immunity certificate is deeply divided, which has been underpinned by a recent poll.

More than one-third of respondents (34.2%) chose not to travel during the coronavirus epidemic. The primary reason was the travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, while 29.4% did not travel due to fear, and a further 18% chose to stay home for financial reasons, while 3.6% did so for lack of time.

As Hungarian news portal reports, 41.2% of respondents agreed that domestic hotels could be entered only with an immunity certificate. 41% of respondents disagree with the question, and 17.9% of the respondents are unsure. The proportion of opinions about entering restaurants is similar; however, exemption from evening curfew restrictions is rejected by the majority (51.4%).

According to the majority, travellers from abroad should be required to provide proof of immunity. 55.3% agreed in this respect.

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The research also highlights that if the condition for travelling abroad were the Covid vaccine and the related immunity certificate, it would increase the probability of being vaccinated in 20.7% of the respondents, while 46.4% would vaccinate anyhow; however, 28% would not request vaccination in this case either.

According to the tourist consultant interviewed, if catering and accommodation companies could reopen earlier on the condition of immunity certificates, the measure would be positive for everyone and would really mean the effective restart of the economy in Hungary. However, it should be treated with caution, as banning millions of unvaccinated Hungarian travellers from hospitality and travel for a longer period of time would be another hit for the entire industry that could result in serious consequences.

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  1. The problem with this, research so far says vaccines and those recovered from Covid are only protected for 6 months. So a cerificate has an expiration. And the what? Vaccines and new certificates every 6 months? No!

  2. Is there any ongoing public debate in Hungary about the rejection of immunity certificates based on respect for individuals’ freedoms? Maybe the issue has come up, but I haven’t seen it tackled so far.

  3. How come the economy ever opens at all? There are a million mortal risks of infinitesimal likelihood of occuring that we encounter without fear every day, which never ever stopped us, until church of covid came along. Let’s stay locked down forever! Then we’ll be safe!

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