This year was abundant in remarkable Hungarian sports achievements similarly to the previous years and given the upcoming sports prize award ceremony in January, where they award the Sportsperson of the Year, collected the most significant Hungarian sports accomplishments in 2017.

Hungarian sportspeople made extraordinary performances in national and international competitions in 2017 that entitle them to participate in the most magnificent sports achievement compilation of

Some of the selected sportspeople deserved this merit by becoming undisputed world champions in world championships or by defending their previously-earned title.

Every year, the 10 best Hungarian sportspeople and their coaches nominated for the title compete with each other in 11 categories before the names of the 3 best participants are announced to the public. Let’s see some of the probable winners this year.

1. Hungarian Men’s National Basketball Team

A short time ago, basketball in Hungary, especially men’s basketball, lived in the mind of people as a branch of the Hungarian sports industry that was only remembered for the remnants of its past glory. However, since 2010, international recognition has been gained thanks to the achievements of the Men’s Basketball Team of Szolnok. Furthermore, 2017 marked a return to the international forefront.

facebook/Hanga Ádám

This was thanks to both individual and team achievements. Ádám Hanga, for instance, became the top Hungarian player of the Euroleague and also the player of Barcelona, after not being selected for the NBA.

He was also a member of the Hungarian National Basketball Team that participated in a world competition unprecedented in the last 18 years. That is why it is not surprising that Hanga competes for the Sportsman of the Year title while the National Team races for the Team of the Year award.

2. Michelisz makes history in car championship

Hungarians are enthusiastic when it comes to technical sports, especially when they can cheer for a Hungarian compatriot. This is what happened in the World Touring Car Championship that produced great excitement in 2017.

After 10 years, Norbert Michelisz moved from the Zengő Motorsport Team to the Honda Team, and by his 2nd season, he ascended among the best.

While in 2016, he missed the podium because of unsportsmanlike conduct, this year, he was competing for the world champion title even in the last round.

facebook/Michelisz Norbert

It seemed that there was little chance of winning the World Championship due to technical problems arising during the races and because of his exclusion in China. Furthermore, in Qatar, he had issues with the car brakes, too. Therefore, it was little surprise that the Swedish Thed Björk got the 1st place. Anyway, Michelisz achieved the most significant Hungarian achievement concerning the overall points reached during the FIA races, as he became 2nd making it an unprecedented event in the history of Hungary.

3. Hosszú’s ongoing victory session

Not only racing with superhuman efforts at the Rio Olympic Games but at the 17th FINA World Championship in Budapest, too, Katinka Hosszú has become an idol in the world of swimming.

Facebook/Hosszú Katinka

She got 2 gold medals at the FINA Championship, although she did not participate in the semi-final of the 100-meter backstroke in which she is the defending Olympic champion. In fact, it was at the same time with the final of the 200-meter medley because of which she withdrew.

In the 400-meter medley, however, she met no opponents who could challenge her.

facebook/Budapest 2017 FINA Vizes Világbajnokság

She also got 6 gold medals at the European Short Course Championships in Copenhagen, but after 5 consecutive years, she did not enjoy her absolute dominance in the World Cup series in 2017.

This can be explained by the unfavourable decision of the FINA that restricts the number of swimming races in which sportspeople can participate.

In spite of all these, she is far the best Hungarian swimmer who also helps the aspiring young swimmers reach their dreams by maintaining her swimming team, the Iron Aquatics.

4. Fucsovics among the best tennis players

Although Márton Fucsovics is still far from the Olympic gold medal, he is also nominated for the Sportsman of the Year title. Currently, he is the best Hungarian tennis player in the country who got among the top 100 tennis players with his 85th position. This is remarkable as the last time a Hungarian was on the list was 14 years ago.

facebook/Fucsovics Márton

This outstanding achievement is mostly thanks to his performance at the Basel Tournament where starting with the qualifying games, he also successfully qualified for the quarter-final. By this time, Fucsovics was over another massive success as with the Hungarian Davis Cup Team; he achieved an unbelievable victory over the Russian team in the play-off.

Another Hungarian tennis player, Tímea Babos, is also among the nominees who deserved this merit by obtaining a victory at the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) tour with Andrea Hlaváčková.

5. Invincible Hungarian athletes

The Sportsman of the Year title can go to Anita Márton, Hungarian shot-putter. The athlete receiving a bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 2016 also became 2nd in the World Championship in London.

Anita Márton and Balázs Baji /

Balázs Baji is also important to mention who, besides the woman shot-putter from Szeged, also made a memorable performance in London. He became 3rd in the 110-meter hurdles that makes him the 1st Hungarian obtaining a world champion title in a running race.


6. Hungarian short track speed skaters

Sándor Liu Shaolin, a Hungarian short track speed skater, is also among the probable winners of the Sportsman of the Year title, and with his team, he can even receive the Team of the Year title, too. He was world champion in 2016 in the 500-meter speed skating race, while in 2017, in the relay race, he became 3rd in the World Championship.

facebook/Shaolin Sándor Liu

Although this year was a breakthrough for the Hungarian boy, it is anticipated that 2018 is going to be more successful for him than this year. Hungarians collectively support him and the skating team including his brother, Liu Shaoang, Viktor Knoch and Csaba Burján.

Hopefully, 38 years after the previous Hungarian success of the Sallay-Regőczy pair, Hungarians can again achieve a victory in the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games organised in February.

Featured image: facebook/Budapest 2017 FINA Vizes Világbajnokság


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