People have been building churches for thousands of years and most of them reflect the architectural style of a certain era. Some of the most modern churches have solar cells others unique colours. collected the photos of some quite modern looking churches in Hungary. The air-shots were taken by

Trinity Parish Church, Káposztásmegyer

This modern looking parish church was built in 1989 in a residential area where there were no churches before.

templom - képosztásmegyeri szenthéromság

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Blessed Sára Salkaházi Parish Church, Újpalota

The church was built in 2008 and its foundation stone was blessed by Dr. Péter Erdő cardinal, archbishop of Esztergom.

templom - újpalota, boldog sára

Buda Baptist Church

The Buda Baptist Church was established in 1924 with members mostly from the Baptist Orphanage and believers living nearby. The church was built in 1965. It was the first church building to receive planning permission from the communist regime.

templom - budai baptista gyülekezet

Blessed Zoltán Meszlényi Church, Budapest

The church, which belongs to the Saint Adalbert Parish Church, was inaugurated in 2014.

templom- budapest, boldog meszlényi zoltán

Holy Spirit Church, Hévíz

It is the biggest church in Hévíz; it can fit almost thousand people. The interior is an example of the combination of modern architecture and traditions. The specialities of the church are the seven towers which symbolise the Holy Spirit’s seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, counsel, knowledge, fortitude, piety and fear of the Lord.

templom, hévíz, szentlélek

Calvinist Community Church, Outer Kelenföld

The Calvinist community in the barely inhabited region of Kelenföld was founded in 1950. Their special distinguishing mark is the church which was built in 1981. The extraordinary exterior and interior surprises many people.

templom - külső-kelenföldi református egyházközösség

Saint Gerald Church, Kelenföld

The church’s foundation stone was laid down in 1984. The chapel’s special characteristic is the reversed boat shape of the attic, which reminds everybody of Noah’s ark.

templom - kelenföld, szent gellért

Hungarian Saints Parish Church, Budapest

After the cancellation of the 1996 World Exhibition, Esztergom archdiocese decided to construct the building that was supposed to be the Vatican pavilion during the Expo and was intended to become a church only later. The church’s foundation stone was laid down in 1995.

templom - budapest, magyar szentek

Jesus’s heart Parish Church, Városmajor

The modern looking church has three components: the bell tower, the main church and the side church that functions as a community house. This special work of art was pronounced a national monument.

templom - városmajori jézus szíve

Hungarians’ Dowager Church, Veszprém

templom - veszprémi magyarok nagyasszonya

Calvinist Church, Szandaszőlős

templom - szandaszőlős református

Immaculate Blessed Virgin Mary Church, Soroksár

templom- sorokság, szeplőtlen boldogasszony


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