Csillaghegy bath
Budapest, 2018. október 31. Élménymedence a csillaghegyi strandfürdõ új fürdõegységében az avatás napján 2018. október 31-én. A 3,9 milliárd forintos beruházás során egy több mint 7800 négyzetméter területû fedett, 12 új medencének helyet adó fürdõépülettel bõvült a III. kerületi strand, amely ezentúl Csillaghegyi Árpád Forrásfürdõ néven üzemel tovább. MTI/Mónus Márton

Budapest Mayor István Tarlós on Wednesday opened a new wellness centre comprising 12 pools within the Csillaghegy open-air spa which occupies a total area of over 7,800 square metres in northern Budapest’s 3rd district.

The Csillaghegy baths is one of Budapest’s oldest and largest such facilities which has now become one of the most modern, Tarlós told the opening event.

The new complex is part of a development scheme under which seasonal spas could remain open all year round, he said.

The 3.9 billion forint (EUR 12m) development at the facility now named Csillaghegy Árpád Spring Spa has been paid for by the Budapest municipal council and its company Budapest Spas and Thermal Baths, he added.


For that matter, on one hand, the development consisted of a new swimming and bath facility, aiming at providing high quality service for visitors, with a new sauna world, wellness section, children’s playground, and a restaurant.

On the other hand, the aim was also to provide sportsmen and sportswomen with a “new home”, serving the education of the next generation.

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Source: MTI

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