The largest event of the Budapest street food scene will take place on December 10, Thursday from 18:00. In accordance with the previous “The Night of…” type events street food bars, burger bars and food trucks will be present at their known location and will provide 20-50% discounts and a special Advent menu to their visitors , Flyerz wrote.

There is already huge interest in the event, tables are reserved in more and more places. Uber has agreed to transport the visitors free of charge. Even now, there are masses who browse the street food database of, where you can find all providers who joined the Night of Street Food: their data, the description of their dishes and their discounts as well. It is worth to plan Thursday’s street food rout in advance in order to have enough time, and also to have space for each tasty morsel in our belly.

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Budapest street food pretty much came under the spotlight these years and has many attractions. For example, the School Bus is an outstanding curiosity, which has been converted from an American school bus into a moving restaurant. Or the W35, which represents the tex-mex style at a high level; its unique street food bars attract the lovers of the American and Mexican cuisine as well. Befalo Bill has been the most-mentioned nowadays; it uses the latest preparation methods to smoke its juicy meats, on hard wood, which presents an entirely new taste to the meat lovers. Sza-Sa Burger offers a quality experience for the followers of classic shapes and tastes in the suburb of Budapest.

Along with them, street food bars and food trucks are waiting for the fans at more than 60 locations. The complete list of discounts and the menu selection is available on the website

Facebook event: The Flyerz Presents: The Night of Street Food
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