According to, Iraqi refugees sent a message to their compatriots on Facebook not to come to Europe because they will regret it – Finnish Yle television said.

According to the website Sputnik, the video reveals Iraqis fleeing war have been considering how to go back their shattered homeland.

“I wish we had not come to Europe” – the refugees said on the video who also revealed that they spent a lot of money to go here. “We made a serious mistake by coming to Europe” – they told the Finnish television.

Mustafa, who sent a message to his compatriots in Arabic, claimed his life had been much better in Iraq, even though they had been exposed to constant danger. “I do not care, I will return my country and would rather die there” – the Iraqi man said desperately.

The refugees also complained the Finnish television about that life is very expensive in Europe and the prices are extremely high. They hardly get food and clothing in the reception centers, which also shocked them. According to them, being a refugee is “a terribly humiliating thing”.

However, some people doubt the authenticity of the report. Several comments accuse the Finnish government of intentional manipulation, saying the report is much more like a PR campaign than the demonstration of reality.

The accusations are not unfounded, however, since Helsinki recently stated that Finland was considering the closure of borders to prevent the influx of refugees to the country.

Since January, it is estimated that about half a million refugees arrived in the European Union.

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  1. Wish everybody would stop calling these guys “refugees”.
    Refugees spending a lot of money doing so, boo hoo!.. My families didn’t have a cent, or cell phone luxury like these thankless pricks when they were real refugees!
    Yes, tell your friends what a stupid mistake it was, because think.. You’ll never get a ‘legal’ job in Europe as your NOT refugees so no permission to stay. OR stay, live and work underground for centuries. The Liberals and Socialists need ‘cheap’ slave labour which is why they opened the door for you in the first place. At least the right wingers told you to stay where you are, don’t come here!, but you ran instead for the dinner bell didn’t you, haha!.

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