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Without a doubt, music is a cultural field which is the most successful one in Hungary and which gave exemplary musicians and singers to the whole world. But unfortunately, Hungary does not have a complex institution where people could learn about the history of Hungarian music and to get closer to our music culture.

Luckily, part of the Liget Budapest Project is the building of a brand-new institution which brings people together with music. Liget Budapest described every amazing detail about the future House of Hungarian Music.

We might ask ourselves the question: why does Hungary need another concert hall if we already have the Opera, Erkel Theatre and the Palace of Arts? András Batta, who is a Hungarian music historian, emphasised that this new building is not going to be another concert hall. It is going to be an institution which convinces people to go to concert halls and listen to classical and other music concerts in Hungary.

Before establishing the plans of House of Hungarian Music, musical experts examined another concert hall to get inspiration and ideas, like the concert hall in Vienna, Paris, and Barcelona, which are not only concert halls but museums as well.

House of Hungarian Music, night, building, architecture
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The House of Hungarian Music will not be a museum. This institution’s main task will be to provide comprehensive information about music, musical genres, instruments and musicians while coping with the hardships and modernisation of the 21st century. It is also important that this house will not only be opened for people who have musical experiences but for everyone in the country and in the world.

Another aim of this project is to provide new information for visitors in a playful way and not in a way as the ordinary museums do. This institution will combine music and experience, providing a fun way to learn about music.

The House of Hungarian Music – besides learning about music – will provide lots of colourful programmes for adults, children, school groups and elderly people. The project would like to establish a connection between every generation and music because they believe that the contemporary music halls and museums are unable to do that. That is why this new house is going to be built in the heart of the Budapest City Park.

Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, who established and created the plans for the House of Hungarian Music, believes that harmony plays an important part in building. Fujimoto created a building which is close to nature and creates a bridge between artificial and non-artificial environments.

The exhibition in the House of Hungarian Music will provide an insight into the history of music through the past centuries until nowadays in an exciting and fascinating way.

House of Hungarian Music, City Park, building
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Besides the history of Hungarian music and musicians like Zoltán Kodály or Béla Bartók, visitors will also get an insight into the history of music in Venice, Paris, Berlin and London and internationally famous composers like Mozart and Beethoven. There will also be different kinds of games, workshops, screenings and other programmes. The options are truly endless.

Apart from classical music, the institution will focus on popular music as well and show people how the birth of the radio and popular music played a part in history through the life of true music icons like Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

Among the exhibitions and programmes, the institution will also welcome famous musicians and singers who will give concerts for visitors arriving in the City Park’s new establishment.

Spanish opera singer Placido Domingo expressed his enthusiasm and good wishes in a video:


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