According to magyarhirlap.hu, the police and civil guards help the traffic of visitors going to cemeteries, but they also urge caution.

Abnormal traffic can be expected around the Budapest cemeteries on Sunday on All Saints’ Day and on Monday on All Souls’ Day, so the Budapest Transport Center (BKK) helps the faster and more convenient approach of the graveyards with lines operating extraordinarily, more frequently and with more capacity.

The lines going to the cemeteries depart more frequently than usual. You have get on the bus through the first door on the bus lines 38B, 158B and 218B. Passengers can buy tickets for HUF 450 from the bus driver.

On Sunday, daytime buses operate according to the non-working day and the holiday schedule.

BKK recommends the 28 and 37 trams departing from Blaha Lujza ter and 28B tram operating as an extraordinary line between Keleti Railway Station and Uj Koztemeto (New Public Cemetery) and the 68 bus line and the 68B temporary bus line from Kobanya-Kispest. 28 and 28B trams depart from Uj Koztemeto in the direction of Blaha Lujza ter and Keleti Railway Station with a six-minute-follow-up time on Saturday and five on Sunday. The extraordinary bus line 68B helps the traffic of the 68 bus line between Kobanya-Kispest and Uj Koztemeto.

The police and the civil guards help the traffic of people going to cemeteries all over the country, but they also urge caution – Jozsef Oberling, head of the National Police Headquarters (ORFK) traffic police department said in the Fiume ut cemetery in Budapest. The commander advised the car drivers to pay attention to the temporary traffic order around graveyards, since it is not sure they will be able to travel on the usual routes. The colonel drew the road users’ attention that drivers park in the designated places, and if someone is on foot or by bike on the road after dark, they should wear visibility vests, magyarhirlap.hu wrote.

Colonel Agnes Nemeth, head of ORFK prevention department said everyone should close their cars and all packages should be put in the trunk or be taken with the owners. She suggested handbags, jackets and backpacks not to be left unattended. She added that people in public transport vehicles should pay increased attention to pickpockets especially in big cities.

Pal Kardos, vice president of the National Civil Guard Association reported that civil guards – as the strategic partners of the police – perform service either collectively with the policemen or individually. The civil guards will mainly ensure the accident-free approach of the cemeteries and the safety of parking lots.

 based on the article of magyarhirlap.hu
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