Six friends, ten seasons, 236 episodes and lots of laughter. This is the shortest way to summarise the Friends series. It’s been 17 years since the final episode of the series. Since then, the six actors have only reunited once, which has changed now due to the arrival of Friends: The Reunion. The special edition featured not only the actors who played the main characters and a lot of star guests but also a Hungarian man.

Attila Agg from Upper Hungary was included in the special edition with an iconic move by one of the main characters, Ross. He was one of the five fans who could tell their experiences and feelings about the series. Logging in from Lévai Castle, Attila sent a message to those who are not fans of the series. He punched his two fists together, recreating the movement of Ross, who did this in an episode of the series instead of showing his middle finger, writes

“I shot this little video last year, and however the full video did not make it into the episode, these few seconds that the viewers saw are said to be funny,”

said Attila. The Hungarian living in Upper Hungary added, “On the morning of May 27, I received an email from the creators that I would be on the show. They also asked me to keep it confidential until the new episode comes out.” Attila was first approached by the makers a year and a half ago when they saw that he was an active member of the most popular Friends Facebook group. Attila Agg liked the special edition because it made it easier for him to see the actors again after 17 years. By being able to get involved in the special edition, his biggest dream came true.

hbo attila friends
Photo: © HBO


The Friends movie is a real crying-laughing experience.

Since HBO’s announcement, fans were looking forward to seeing their favourites again. Many people were disappointed to learn that this was not going to be a sequel episode but a nostalgic talk show. However, seeing the result, everyone can be satisfied. Lisa Kudrow, who plays Phoebe’s character, said: “The writers ended the show very nicely. Everyone’s lives are very nice. They would have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories. I don’t want anyone’s happy ending unravelled.”

Along with the six main actors: Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, we can see the creators, supporting actors and countless celebrities. Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Kit Harington, Lady Gaga, and James Corden were amongst the people featured. We left one more exciting piece of information for the end of the article. In the famous and iconic intro of the series, at 27 seconds behind Joey, Hungarian paprika can be seen on the kitchen shelf. If you don’t believe it check out the video below.


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  2. Its clearly written in the pic, published by Friends production team, that Atilla is from Slovakia.
    I believe, you should have yourself checked by a shrink doc for willingly and deceitfully re-naming Slovakia Upper Hungary.
    Geography not your favorite subject, was it?
    Narcisism was, perhaps??

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