The very expensive and the very cheap wines can become more expensive, despite the sun was shining enough and many high-quality grapes grew, MTI wrote citing the newspaper Nepszabadsag. 20 percent more grapes and an average of 10- to 15- percent- price increase are expected, wrote.

According to the National Council of Wine Communities, the costs of grape production increased, but they did not say exactly which part of it. Therefore, and due to the better quality, they say grape will be more expensive and wineries can pass it to the consumers.

The smallest price increase can happen in the category of the HUF 800-1200 wines. This year’s more expensive wines of the well-known wineries can be much more expensive. The poorer consumers of the cheapest HUF 300-600 wines can also feel the price increase, since import was at the highest volume here, and Hungary is trying to restrict it by regulations.

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