According to the French authorities the owner of the Syrian passport wasn’t one of the suicide attackers, therefore there’s no evidence that the terrorists came to Greece with the migrant wave, and then travelled to France through several countries, including Hungary. The attacker might have been in Europe for a while, and only used a Syrian passport to deceive the authorities, writes

The French authorities are absolutely certain that the Syrian passport they had found at one of the locations does not belong to the suicide bomber, announced channel France2 during the News on Sunday night.

If the fingerprints of the two people would be identical it could be evidential that the attacker arrived to Greece with the migrant wave, and then travelled to France through several countries, including Hungary. This has been a valid idea so far, as migrants have access to fake passports that cost only a couple of hundred Euros, experts say. Another hypothesis is that the attacker has been in Europe for a while now and only used a Syrian passport to deceive the authorities.

The owner of the passport, Ahmad al-Mohammad (25), is completely unknown to the French authorities, and there’s no trace of him since he left Hungary.

Suicide bombers carried out attacks on six locations during Friday night in Paris: in Saint-Denis, North of Paris, close to the Stade de France stadium, three attackers blew themselves up, one of them could be identified so far. The attacker is called Bilal Hadfi, who lived in Belgium, and according to European secret service sources quoted by the Washington Post, Hadfi was a member of ISIS.

According to prosecutor Francois Molins, one of the suicide bombers at the stadium was a French citizen born is 1995, and lived in Belgium. It is unknown if Molins talked about Bilal Hadfi, or the attacker found close to the passport, or about the third attacker. Thierry Braillard, Secretary of State for Sport (France), said that the terrorists tried to get inside the stadium, but failed, so they blew themselves up on the streets, killing one person.  

There were two other attacks in the city centre of Paris parallel to the Stade de France suicide bombings.

At least three attackers forced their way into the Bataclan club; one of them was killed by the police, the other two blew themselves up. Ismail Omar Mostefai (29) was the first one to be identified on Saturday; he had Algerian roots but was born in France.

The third attack took place on the streets of Paris where people who were sitting on the terrace of bars and restaurants were the main targets. One of the shooters was Abdeslam Salah (26) who is currently on the run and is suspected to be the brain of the attacks. Salah was born in Belgium, and the Belgian government issued an international arrest warrant against him, and the French police is also looking for him. Salah’s brother, Ibrahim Abdeslam (31), also committed suicide; the French police says he blew himself up on the Boulevard Voltaire, while Belgian sources say he killed himself at the Bataclan club. The third brother was taken into custody by the Belgian police. According to the French media the street shootings has another perpetrator, who is also on the run, but it was not confirmed by the police.

ISIS took responsibility for the attacks which killed 129 people so far.

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