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If we would want to find the most courageous dads in the world, Dénes Székely from Törökbálint would undoubtedly be among them. He delivered his wife’s baby on the passenger seat of his own car on the side of a highway without any qualification. His only help was a dispatcher on the phone.

The contractions for the wife Rita started early on Thursday morning, in their home at Törökbálint. Dénes, the dad immediately sat her in the car and headed to the hospital. But – as it is usual in the morning hours – they got trapped in the traffic jam. Unfortunately, the child decided that he would not want to wait until they arrive in the hospital and the labour started on the passenger seat in while they were in traffic. You can find the original article on

Labour on M1

Dénes did not panic, he was in control of the situation. He acted what his instincts told him. „We can say that I am experienced with kids because we already have two, but I have never experienced the childbirth from this up close. We were able to hand down the children to the grandparents before we left to the hospital.

We immediately sat in the car when my wife told it is time, but the M1-M7 lines were totally full. I called the emergency, but they could not provide us with a police escort out of the traffic jam. I

did not panic. I saw a police van and I accosted it. I asked the driver whether he could turn the sirens on because my wife is going to give birth, but he replied that he had no permission to do that. So, we proceeded in the traffic jam as long as we could but then the situation got real immediately.

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The baby was facing the dad during birth

Dénes’ wife suddenly said that they must stop because the head of the baby was out.

„I immediately stopped and called the emergency again, who then connected me with the dispatcher of the ambulance.

A gentleman started to give me instructions but at that moment my wife was kneeling on the seat. She gave birth in that position. Such a situation was new for the dispatcher as well.” In the end, Dénes’s son was safely given birth in the car, on the passenger seat.

„For me, it was a beautiful sight. The baby came out facing me. He was a beautiful and moving sight to behold even with the bluish tint of his skin.”

It was relatively easy

According to Dénes, they were quite lucky because it was a clean and easy birth. This was mainly thanks to the preparedness of my wife – she told me before we left to the hospital to cover the seat with a blanket. The dispatcher who helped the couple deliver their baby commented that he had never been in a situation anything like this before. Despite this, he greatly helped the couple during labour with his calmness and preparedness.

Many people think that most men would not have had such a presence of mind.

Although it would be hard to surpass the action of Dénes, there was a similar case in September in Miskolc. There, the dispatcher, who has only been working for the company for a couple of weeks have heroically helped to keep the spirits of the desperate couple until the ambulance arrived.

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