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Polish tourists mostly go to Lake Balaton and Eastern Hungary instead of Budapest. They spend an average of three days – based on a new statement of the Hungarian Tourism Agency.

According to Magyar Hírlap, in 2020, Poland was in third place from where most of the tourists came the previous year. Most Polish tourists do not prefer to stay in Budapest hotels,

80 pc of their guest nights realized in other Hungarian villages and cities.

Interestingly, 40 pc of them chose to stay at private accommodation, but campings are also very popular among them (17 pc) while 15 pc of them chose 3-star hotels to spend their holiday. Polish tourists spent 3 billion HUF (EUR 8.6 mn) in Hungary on accommodation. The 35-44 age group spends the most, almost one bn HUF.

The most popular destinations among them were the neighbourhood of Lake Balaton (29 pc), Debrecen (24 pc) and the region of Mátra and Bükk (19 pc).

The cities Polish tourists visited most were Budapest, Hajdúszoboszló and Siófok.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency regularly writes about the biggest sending countries in May and June. Last time they wrote about the Russians saying that, among them, the most popular destinations were the thermal baths of Budapest. They added that Russia is the 10th biggest sending countries in the Hungarian tourism sector.


Source: Magyar Hírlap

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